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Amy Stockwell

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How to use BSA software (.PDF Instructions)

Online Tax Payments

You can pay your Lincoln Township taxes online! Please note that there is a 3% fee that will be charged to your credit card for this service; this fee is paid to the merchant processing the transaction.

Summer Tax Receipts

Due to the rising costs of postage and number of requested duplicates in February and March, summer receipts will not be mailed. Summer tax information will be included on the winter receipt and that will be less paperwork to find during income tax time.

For a summer receipt

Please email, pay in person, or send a self-addressed stamp envelope. Otherwise your cancelled check will serve as your receipt.

Payment Dates

For summer, you can make payments anytime between July 1 and February 28. {Pay before September 14 to avoid late fees}. For winter, you can make payments anytime between December 1 and February 28. Only remaining balances are factored into the delinquent interest.

NSF Checks

There is a $25.00 fee for any check returned to the township unpaid.

Tax Bills

Newaygo County generates the tax bills and outsources to a printing company for mailing. Combining multiple parcels into one envelope is not an option any longer.

Frequent Topics

Homestead Exemption

If you recently filed for 100% PRE and your current bill doesn’t reflect it, you need to contact the assessor at 866-921-9293 to have it adjusted for the upcoming winter tax season.​

Property Changed Names

If you recently sold your property and the change wasn’t filed in time for bill printing, you can forward your bill to the new owner or you can call me with their information and I will send a new bill.


Postmark is not accepted for winter tax bills. It is recommended that winter tax bills be mailed by February 21.


Mailing Address for Payments

Lincoln Township Treasurer, 331 W. One Mile Rd, White Cloud, MI 49349; 231-689-1984;

Due Dates

Summer taxes are due July 1-September 14 without penalty; Winter taxes are due December 1-February 28.  Any unpaid taxes will be delivered to the Newaygo County Treasurer on March 1.


NEW 2023 Due to the cost of postage, receipts will no longer be mailed, if you would like a receipt emailed, please include your email.  If you need a paper copy, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.


Postmark is not accepted.


PRE, Poverty, and Veterans exemptions are handled by the assessor, please contact Michael Beach if you have any questions.  {At this time, they are no discounts available to senior citizens in the State of Michigan.

Special Assessments

Lincoln Township residents are well and septic, there is one on going drain assessment for Diamond Lake and there is no pay off.

I Feel Like My Taxes Jumped

The entire state taxable value increased 5% for 2023, please see below for information from the assessor:


On March 15, 1994, Michigan voters approved the constitutional amendment known as Proposal “A”.  Prior to Proposal “A”, property tax calculations were based on Assessed Value.

Proposal “A” established “Taxable Value” as the basis for the calculation of property taxes.  Increases in Taxable Value (following increases for additions and losses) are limited to the percent change in the rate of inflation of 5% whichever is less.

Even in years where we have a stable or depreciating market, Taxable Value of a property will increase every year until it reaches the Assessed Value.

The limit on Taxable Value increase does not apply to a property in the year following a transfer of ownership (sale).

For the 2022 property tax cycle the inflationary increase was 3.3%.

For this year, 2023, the inflation rate calculated by the State of Michigan was 7.9%. However, Proposal “A” limits this increase to 5%.  This is the highest increase in taxable value since Proposal “A” was enacted in 1994. The next highest year was 2009, which had a 4.4% increase.

This inflationary 5% increase is in Michigan State Statute, and is required to be applied to all properties throughout the entire state.